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Why hire a postpartum running coach?

You loved running because you could just lace up your runners and head out the door with little thought or strategy.

Running was your release. And now you need it after a long week of living with a toddler dictator.

A chance to clear your mind, get your heart pumping and the blood flowing. And man do you miss a good sweat!

Running made you feel fit, strong, confident and looking great in those lulus.

However, when you try to head out for a run after having babies, things often don’t feel right. Our hips are sore and tired, our pelvic floor feels heavy, and once we get going, we leak a bit.

It isn’t always a matter of starting out slow or starting with a walk/run plan.

How is our core strength? Are our glutes firing properly? Do we need to get in there and stretch out some tight mom muscles? Have we addressed our pelvic floor issues?

Having a plan and a trainer guide you through your return to running can help ensure you head back strong and confident. Because some muscles need to be fired up, while some need to chill out a bit. And that is often difficult to know on our own.

As a mom to 2 littles, I have been in your shoes. After my first babe, I used running as a chance to get away for a bit. Just me, the road and some tunes. No one needed me for the next half hour, and I felt free.

Things didn’t feel quite right, and I couldn’t figure out why doing more (and more and more) Kegels was not helping. I was still leaking, I still felt heavy.

After my second was born, I took my postpartum personal training certification and I recognized where I was stuck.

Running after babies isn’t all about tightening the pelvic floor!

Running is a full body exercise, so we should treat the postpartum body as a whole.

If you are thinking about or have already started your postpartum running return I would love to have a chat with you and see where I can help. I want you to be a strong mother runner!

I want you to have that needed space to do your thing. To get a break. To lose the weight. To feel like yourself again! But I also want to make sure you don’t pee your pants or prolapse your uterus.

If you are interested in learning more about my upcoming Beta program for running moms, I would love to add you to the email list.

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