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Why do Moms need a Specialized Personal Trainer?

There are so many programs and trainers out there. So many lose weight quick programs with magic shakes and days of obsessive workouts. And they all have their place and they will work for some people, but not everyone. The question is are they right for you.

Finding a trainer that fits with you is much like finding a massage therapist that you jive with. They need to apply the right amount of pressure, engage in the perfect balance of conversation, and get you the results that you are looking for.

After I had Elle 4 years ago, I jumped back into fitness and followed many intense programs that were not designed for a postnatal Mama. I thought the key to getting my abs strong again was to do more crunches, more planks + more (and more) cardio to drop the fat.

But that just wasn’t working for me. I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, I still had the belly and I would leak with anything involving jumping or running.

Then came a second pregnancy pretty quickly and Henry was even bigger. My body quickly remembered what it meant to be pregnant and my core separated faster and further. My belly hung different and it put a lot of strain on my body.

By this time, I had been looking into personal training and pre & postnatal fitness. I knew there was a better option for Mamas. We didn’t have to go through life with a “mummy tummy”. We didn’t need to listen to the commercials and wear pads daily because it’s normal to pee a little as we age.

A woman’s body goes through SO MUCH during pregnancy, and delivery; no matter how it ends up going. Combine that with breastfeeding, exhaustion, post partum healing and you have a very tricky combination of circumstances to juggle.

You need someone who:

-Can empathize with the struggles and challenges you have gone through or are currently facing

-Asks the ‘uncomfortable questions’

-Is thinking about each exercise and how it impacts the whole body

-Has an in-depth knowledge of the changes and impacts that pregnancy and delivery have on the Body & Mind

-Understands your current season of life at home with littles, not sleeping, breastfeeding etc

-Listens to you and can adapt your program and exercises as your life changes

-Is connected to a network of support and has access to experts in the field

Mama life is full enough, you don’t need to be worrying about if your exercises are safe for your post partum body. A specialized trainer can show you appropriate exercises, why they work, what to look for in exercises that don’t work for your current phase and how to adapt and progress as you get stronger. This will allow you to take strategies you have learned and apply them to your daily life. You will be able to join your friends in that bootcamp class, or on a run. There are strategies for almost every exercise and many trainers would be happy to help you get back to the activities that you loved before you had kids.

I have taken my pre & postnatal certification training through Bellies Inc and Girls Gone Strong. I have also taken a number of other webinars and I am continuously adding to my list of trainings. I would be happy to refer you to another trainer who I know and trust if there is something specific you are looking for or for a location closer to you. Let’s chat!

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