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When was the last time you felt sexy?

Some girlfriends and I were having this conversation the other day and it got me thinking.

Photo: Scott Gage Photography

My wedding day was the first day that came to mind. I felt like a boss that day! My hair & makeup were done, I had the most beautiful dress, I was proud of the work I had put into my muscles, and well, the attention was next level and that can really make a girl feel special.

It got me thinking, if we only feel sexy on our wedding day then we are really missing the point. We should be feeling sexy on a regular basis! Since I have had kids it was not even on my radar. Sure there is sexy time with the hubby, but the overarching feeling of owning our feminine essence has been lost.

I think that as moms there is a bit of a negative connotation around feeling sexy. Like once you are a mom you are not to feel sexy any more.

I strongly disagree. I think it is empowering for a woman to feel sexy in her body and soul. Feeling sexy is about embracing your feminine power and confident in who you are physically, emotionally & spiritually.

Feeling sexy is an internal feeling and mindset. It is not about other people’s opinions.

So, ask yourself deep down, what makes you feel sexy? Is it getting your hair done? A strong workout? A little lace under your clothing? A bold lip color? Maybe it is when your jeans fit just right.

Tap into those feelings and rock them on a Monday, Thursday and every day. You deserve to feel sexy Mama! If you aren’t, let’s chat and get you back there!

~ Renee

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