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Setting up for Success Part 3 - Physical Fitness

Ok so kids are down for a nap, you have cleaned up after lunch, finally eaten your own lunch, and prepped dinner for this evening. Now what? You could workout like you said you were going to… but then you have to go get dressed, and figure out what to do and where are those weights anyways?

Just like with the nutrition post from last week, if there are several stumbling blocks in the way of our workout it is harder to get it done. So in what ways can we make your workouts easier to cross off the list and trust me this one Always feels better once it is done.

*Do you have exercise equipment or routines you can do right from home? Do you have a couple sets of weights to use, or some resistance bands? Do you have a plan of what exercises and how many to do? Having a plan and some organization can really help you get in a great workout from home. Check out my Instagram profile for great little workouts you can do from home or head on over to EvolutionVN to see how one piece of equipment can really set our whole home gym up for success. Home workouts do not need to be long to be effective but knowing what to do really helps.

*If you are going to the gym for your workouts:

  • Is it easy and convenient to get to the gym? (no one wants a long drive and crappy parking to get to a workout, your time is precious)

  • Is your gymbag packed and ready to go? (I like to have a second set up shampoo, face wash and some makeup for my gym bag so I don’t have to worry about repacking it every time) (And don’t forget a few extra hair ties! Those things always go missing)

  • Can you put your gym clothes out ahead of time? (Having your clothes organized the night before can really make the day go much smoother. A trick I like to have for the kids too)

  • Do you keep your yoga mat or runners by the front door to easily grab on your way out the door? (keeping things in plain sight are a great reminder of the promise you made to yourself)

*Other tips that help me get my workout done: SCHEDULE IT! Put it in your calendar, book the class ahead on line, plan to meet a friend there and hold you accountable.

*Join our online Facebook group for fresh new workouts, accountability & encouragement!

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