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Setting up for Success - Part 2 - Nutrition

Setting yourself up for success with nutrition is both easy and difficult at the same time. All it takes is a few minutes once a week and you can plan out your meals for the week, pull together a shopping list and away you go. The difficult part comes to sticking with your plan as the week progresses. So how can we make our physical environment set up so that we are more likely to stick with our plan and achieve our nutrition goals?

*Do you have a space to outline your meals for the week? We have a white board calendar and a little meal planning board on the side of the fridge, this way everyone in the family can have a look at what is upcoming for events, and for dinners. From that list, I go through and create a shopping list for the week. Reducing the number of times I am at the grocery store each week reduces the amount of impulse buys (which are usually not healthy) and helps us to buy things when they are on sale and stock up a bit better.

*Do you have your healthy meals and snacks prepped for the week? It is much easier to reach into the fridge and grab a healthy snack if there is a container full of cut up carrots and peppers ready to go. Otherwise you might be more inclined to grab a granola bar, or a couple (few) cookies. I love things like chopped veggies, hard boiled eggs and prewashed fruit ready for snack attacks.

*How easily is junk food accessible in your house? If it is staring at you every time you open the pantry then chances are you are more likely to reach for it. If you are trying to really avoid junk food (however you define that for yourself), then I suggest you keep it out of the house. Buy smaller portions of things like chips and ice cream if you are trying to avoid it. Then if you end up going hog wild on the pint of chocolate it isn’t as tough on your ego and body. When we do one big shop during the week we are less inclined to buy things like ice cream and chips, so we often don’t have them in the house. It is when a craving hits and someone makes a ‘quick run to the store’ that we find ourselves picking less nutritious snack choices.

*Keep a pitcher of water or a large water bottle on your counter and within reach at all times. The more water you keep around you, the easier it is to increase your intake, which cuts down on your consumption of other beverages.

*How clean/organized is your fridge and pantry? A well-organized fridge and tidy cupboards make it easier to see what you have for food. Keeping the healthy prepped items out in front make them more appealing to grab in a hurry.

What tips and tricks do you like to follow to keep yourself set up for success in your nutrition goals? Share below and we can all build up a toolbelt of strategies.

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