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Mom Muscle - Glute Medius

This little muscle gets a lot of work for Mamas.

-Carrying Littles


-Picking up toys

-Stabilizing those hips after pregnancy

It also can be quite weak.

🤓While we are pregnant, our hips stretch & open up to make way for baby to make it's entrance into the world.

With that stretching and thanks to our little hormone friend Relaxin, all of our joints in pregnancy get a bit lax.

Joint stabilizer muscles like Glutei Med are important to help keep our hips balanced & strong, which reduces pain and allows our muscles to fire properly.

Think about the posture in the photo. My left hip is cocked way out to the side, the right hip is basically inactive.

The joints on my right side get stacked to keep Henry balanced while I use my right arm to work.

And chances are you are like me... the kids always go on the same side. So over time, the right Glute Med gets weak from disengagement and the left one gets tight.

This creates an off balance in the hips and leads to more movement in my hips when walking, picking up toys/laundry/food off the floor, and especially exaggerated in running.

This muscle is incredibly important for stability in movement. But it also helps create a nice smooth side butt 😉 We know Beyonce is working her glute med!!

🦵So how do we strengthen it?!

Which of the exercises are you going to add into your lower body workout this week?

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