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How is your Lower Back feeling Mama?

Kids are heavy! ⠀ And we have to pick them up all the time. ⠀ Instead of bending over at the waist to pick them up and likely strain your back. Try squatting down to lift them. ⠀ This will take some practice and some extra strength. But in the long run it will save your back & give you a nice backside (who doesn’t want that!). ⠀ The earlier you can start doing this the better, because they only get heavier from here on out. #allthesnacks We can train this in the gym or at home by mimicking the moment with a heavy weight, sandbag, or even a large bag of flour, potatoes or even dog food. ⠀ It is gardening season in Calgary right now, so I am regularly lifting up large bags of dirt. A great way to add some extra squats into your day and increase your functional fitness.

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