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Happy 1st Birthday Strelle!

I am so grateful for everything that has happened in the last year. The company has grown so much in its first year and big things are in store for 2019.

Strelle was created because I felt lost, helpless and alone.

The changes your body goes through during pregnancy can be hard to navigate. And I feel the standard doctors’ advice of “just do what you have been doing” or “listen to your body” is not helpful. There is a lot of info on the internet, but so much of it is based on fear and misinformation.

Delivery is a whirlwind of craziness! There is so much happening, and sometimes nothing happening. It can be overwhelming, emotional, and very physically demanding. Whether you have a vaginal birth or a caesarean, your body goes through an incredible feat in a matter of hours. You go from pregnant to not in a matter of seconds. It is life changing.

Then postpartum hits, your body is unrecognizable! Your belly is gone, your organs are slowly finding their way back to normal positioning. You are exhausted and at the beck and call of this tiny dependant human. Then you throw some hormones and all of the emotions into the mix and shit gets real! Hopefully you have an amazing support system around you to help. But all too often I hear that women still feel alone and tossed aside. Now that the baby is here the focus is on them, not the Mama.

I want to change this, Mamas should be the focus. There are tons of classes and information out there for the babies. But the ones who need the support most are the ones caring for the babes 24/7, the ones who rarely get a break, and if they do, are probably still doing something for the kids.

For me personally, getting a sense of self back came through fitness. At first, it was all about getting the weight off. Then it was getting back ‘into shape’. But my shape was different and that was hard to swallow. I understood that my body had gone through major changes. It grew a human, a whole new organ, and then gave birth to both of those things. There is no going back, postpartum is forever. Once you have had a baby, your body is different. But I still clung to the media hype that I could get my ‘pre-baby body back’.

It wasn’t until my second baby was born that I started really digging into what was out there for Mamas. Most of the programs focused on losing the weight, getting back in shape & looking like you never had a baby. And so, few of them focused on what I really needed. I was looking for a program that zeroed in on feeling strong and confident in my new body, My MomBod!

I want to bring back my passion for exercise and regain my sense of self. I enjoyed exercise before I had kids, now I have to think about my pelvic floor, my core muscles, and how this workout will leave me feeling. Gone are the days when you could workout so hard that you could barely walk the next day. A Mom has got to Mom the day after leg day. A workout needs to leave be energized and feeling powerful. I need to get my workout done in a short amount of time and it has to be effective.

This is why I created Strelle. I want to help women navigate through their new season in fitness as a Mama. When a Mama finishes working with me, I want her to feel stronger, more confident and able to trust herself as she navigates a fit and healthy life.

If you want to reignite your passion for fitness, learn how to carve out time for effective workouts, and to regain that physical strength you once had, then I would love to chat with you.

I am currently offering FREE 15-minute discovery calls. I would love to get on the phone with you (yes, an actual phone call!), hear about your goals and current health struggles. I want you to hang up the phone and instantly feel a sense of encouragement. Walk away from our chat with a helpful piece of advice, a starting place for this phase of your fitness journey. Message me today and we can set up a call and get you feeling on top of it again.

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