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Great Glutes!

Image from Yoga Journal

The Glutes are the Powerhouse of the lower body. ⠀ We should be using them for movement, lifting & keeping us in proper posture. ⠀ The Gluteus Maximus is the largest muscle in the body, which should garnish some extra special attention. However many people forget about Glute Med & Min which alongside the smaller rotator muscles play a critical role in hip stabilization, movement of the leg and share connective tissue with the ‘kegal’ muscles of the pelvic floor.⠀ 🍑⠀ Why is this important to a pregnant or postpartum Mama? ⠀ Research suggests that proper pelvic & thorax posture improves pelvic floor function. If we want a strong, steady, aligned posture, we need to ensure that the major muscles at the base of the spine are working correctly. Take a look at the diagram and see all fo the places that the Glute Maximus attaches to the spine. If your glutes are not strong enough, and your hip flexors (in the front) are taking over (extra tight), then your pelvis will tilt forward. Which can lead to lower back pain, and weakness in your glutes, hamstrings & core (which can exacerbate diastasis) & pelvic floor dysfunction. ⠀ I highly recommend you see a chiropractor, physiotherapist or specialized personal trainer to gain some perspective of how your lower body is working in regards to your alignment. Small tweaks in your posture and during movement can make a huge difference. And who doesn’t want some booty gains that come along with stronger glutes?

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