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Exhale on Exertion

Whether it is a barbell, toddler or perfectly packed Costco box, us Mamas are lifting heavy things all day long. 

This is great for our muscles, but can be really hard on our core & pelvic floor.

Because after pregnancy our core & pelvic floors are often weaker than usual, they will take the brunt of the pressure. 

When lifting heavy objects, using our breath can help us to maintain proper interabdominal pressure, and give us power through the lift.

Now, there are a couple different schools of thought when it comes to lifting and breath. 

Many heavy lifters prefer to take a deep breath in during the prep or easier part of the lift, and then hold your breath through the hard part. 

For those in the postpartum /healing our pelvic floor phase. I often recommend Mamas to take a breath in during the prep or easier part, and then Exhale your breath through the hardest part of the lift/exercise. I also find it extra effective to purse your lips a bit for the exhale.

To make it easier to remember… think of 'Exhale on Exertion' or think of using your breath to help power you through the lift.

This works well for many Mamas, but I want you to think about any play around with what works best for you. Especially on exercises like lunges, which can be tough on the lift & the lower portion. If that is the case, slowing it down and taking a breath before you start and then exhaling through the lower & lift may be an option for you.

How will you know what is working for you? When you lift something heavy, do you feel pressure in your core or pelvic floor? Does your belly start to dome outwards like a football? Do you get any pain anywhere? These are all questions you want to think about if you are noticing symptoms during the exercise. If after a particularly heavy day (hello monthly stock-up at Costco, Superstore & the wine store) do you notice that you are leaking more than usual? or have a heaviness in your pelvic floor?

Being a Mom is not light work. Mentally or physically. 

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