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Driveway Booty Burn

The kids love their afternoon scooting ritual. After naps/quiet time, the kids head outside and scoot some energy off before dinner. I usually get to shut work down for a bit and head outside and it fills our souls. Not only are we out in the fresh spring air, but we are together and moving.

Here is a tough little circuit workout I did while the kids played in the front yard, scooting, running and just playing.

*Warm Up jog with kids + some squats, lunges, arm circles and silliness

Round 1 (x2):

*100m quick run (average suburb lot frontage is 30’ so yours + 2 neighbours x4 laps ish)

*Lunges down & back across your property

*30 Squats (Body Weight or with Weight if you want to get spicy)

Round 2 (x2):

*100m run

*30 KB swings

*20 Straight Leg Dead Lifts

*10 Burpees (having a yoga mat handy is a bonus for your hands for this one)

Round 3 (x2)

*100m run

*30 Bulgarian Split Squats (15/leg)

*30 Squats

This is a booty burner! But there is no rush, so get in what you can and go at your pace.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

*Struggling to return to running after baby? Did you leak a bit trying this one out? Send me a message HERE and let's hop on a call to get you headed in the right direction.

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