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Compression Pants

Friend or Foe?!

I love a good solid hug around my hips and a lift to my butt.

I love how they smooth out my cellulite, keep my tummy in when I'm planking and create a nice curve to my hips.


They can create some issues for those Mamas with weakened pelvic floors, prolapse and who are healing their diastasis recti.

They do come in varying degrees of compression, which is amazing. And I am not going to deny any woman that supportive hug. But I do want you to ask yourself a couple of questions when wearing them.

-Am I able to breathe? (Are you able to get in a nice deep inhale? or are they forcing you to take smaller shallow breaths)

-Can I sit comfortably in them? (Many times they can be too tight around the waist)

-Do I feel any downward pressure on my pelvic floor? (Does your pelvic floor feel heavy?)

Compression pants are not amazing for everyone all the time.

Often you have to 'suck in' your stomach to keep these pants from being too tight around your midsection.

Which can create a displacement of your intra-abdominal pressure, and the force will push on the weakest link. And for many that is either their pelvic floor.

This is especially important for those already dealing with prolapse as we want to reduce the pressure pushing down on those organs as much as possible.

So Mamas, in the early days of postpartum, and as you heal your pelvic floor & core, just take note of how tight your pants are. You want to be comfortable in order to breathe properly and employ proper lifting strategies.

Have questions? Shoot me a DM any time!


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