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Clamshells to build your Mussels (Muscles)!

Clamshells look so easy, but when done properly can be very effective. ⠀ You will often see these added into many postpartum exercises plans because of the great glute engagement you can get while still being gentle on the pelvic floor and healing core. ⠀ One thing I wish I had done, was add more of these bad boys into my pregnancy workout plan. Clamshells really target your glute med, which helps keep the his stable as they are expanding and shifting to make way for baby. ⠀ A couple quick notes that I find help with form & execution:⠀ 💭 Think about the side of your hips/butt while you are doing the movement. I find it super helpful in insolation exercises to thin about the muscle I am working. ⠀ 🖐 Place your hand on your hip bone. Helps to ensure you are not rolling one way or the other, or tilting your pelvis to get more range of motion. ⠀ 😳 Try different positions. No not like that... well you can if you like, but that is off topic. Normally we do this exercise with your hips bent and your legs at a 60ish degree angle, try switching it up a bit and keep your hips straight to take your (likely overactive) hip flexors out of the equation. ⠀ 🍑 You can always vary up the resistance with a mini band if you are feeling it.⠀

How do you feel about the simple yet effective clamshell?

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