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Being Selfish

I did something super selfish this weekend.

I put my needs in front of my kids and husbands.

I knew that putting myself first for the weekend would spill out into the lives of those closest around me.

I asked for what I needed, wanted and craved.

I needed a break.

A break from the kids. A break from my husband. A break from my house. A break from routine.

I have big goals for Strelle in 2020. And I was not making the progress that I had hoped for.

I booked myself a hotel room in the city so that I could focus on a weekend business intensive for Strelle & myself. I am learning, stretching, planning, writing and digging deep this weekend.

And the moment I left the house I felt 10lbs lighter. A weight had been lifted. I felt energized, excited and happy.

As moms we often don’t ask for what we want or need because we have our family’s needs in first place. But here is the thing… When your energy is high & you are feeling focused on your passion, that energy ripples through your house in a good way. Just like when you are having a tough day, that energy is felt by everyone around you.

So, I ask you this Mama, are you able to raise the vibration in your house and lift those up around you? Or are you letting all of this bring you down because you just don’t have the energy for yourself let alone to perk everyone else up right now?

It is ok to want to be happy, healthy, stronger, and more energized. I strongly encourage you find something to help you call these feelings in.

What is one little step you can do today to help raise your frequency Mama?

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