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3 Tips to Improving Your Consistency

How many times have we been down the same road? We work out for a few days in a row, we feel like we are crushing it and this time is going to be the time our goals are hit.

Skip a day, we call it a ‘rest day’ and shrug it off. Then the next day back is harder. The weekend hits and we are so busy running around after the kids and housework we completely forget about the gym.

#nevermissamonday makes us feel like we have to work out after the weekend.

Excuses get the best of us for the next couple of weeks and we feel you have to start all over again.

Building a new habit is not easy! Unless it is a bad habit, those seem to be super easy to catch on. And the one habit we all want to rock… Work out Consistency.

Being consistent with our workouts will trump going hard every now and then.

Being consistent doesn’t mean we have a habit of working out. It means we are the type of people who work out. It is about self-identifying as a healthy person, and something so many of us want to be.

Here are 3 little tips that help me when I am feeling inconsistent with my workouts:

  1. Schedule it in advance for the week. This way you can find the best pockets of time to fit it in. And you are more likely to keep the promise to yourself if it is in your calendar and the reminder notification pops up.

  2. Find an accountability buddy. Someone you can check in with after each workout, and who isn’t afraid to message you if they haven’t heard from you in a couple days. Knowing someone else is watching can really help your motivation. Bonus points if they can actually workout with you.

  3. Just start. You don’t have to do balls out workouts every time. If you aren’t feeling it one day, but you still want to build that consistency muscle, just tell yourself that you only have to do 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes are up, you can quit or keep going. This gets me every time! Once your blood gets pumping you are much more likely to keep at seeing as you have already started.

And then build upon your commitment to yourself. Once you have the consistency in place, it is easier to then take your workouts up a notch to work towards your overall health goals. So much easier than starting an intense weight loss plan, or muscle building plan and then quitting because you can’t regularly hit the gym.

Do you find it harder to be consistent or to push yourself in your workouts? Message me and let's strategize.


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