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2021 Goal Setting that Sticks

Resolution? Goal? Intention? Word for the Year?

It seems that everyone has a different spin on planning for the new year. But the common sense is that everyone wants to do better than they did the previous year.

To quote the famous Alexis Rose "I love that for you!"

Humans are always striving, wishing & hoping for better. We set goals both lofty & realistic. We make plans to reach our goals. We set the actions in place. We should celebrate our striving for better! There are incredible things that we can accomplish out there in the world. I want you to have big dreams mama!

Now, sometimes we get to our goal, sometimes we fall short, & sometimes we completely give up.

What happens a lot of the time is we fall back to our old habits.

Change is F'ing Hard! No matter how much we want it or how good it is for us, it is hard to do things differently than we have done them in the past.

Humans will do what is easy, comfortable, routine. Sometimes those actions are good for us (like brushing our teeth), & sometimes those habits are less than ideal (nightly drinks & snack binges).

There are a number of things that help when it comes to sticking to a new habit or reaching your goal, here are a couple to keep in mind.

✨ Make a SMART Goal

✨ Determine the Intention behind the Goal

✨ Set out a list of Actions or Milestones to meet to reach that Goal

✨ Think about some of the Potential Obstacles that might or will come up for you. Can you create backup or If/Then plans?

✨ Visualize what it will look, feel & how reaching this goal will change you

✨ Tell someone about your goal, maybe they can be an accountability partner

✨ Hire a coach to help you reach that goal, to keep you on track, to help you troubleshoot where blocks are stopping you, or to keep encouraging you along the way

✨ Give yourself Grace! You will have setbacks, screw up & veer off course. But every day you can start again & get back on track.

You've got this Mama! If you would like, I would be honoured if you shared your goal/intention/word of the year with me. Putting it out there helps to make it feel real.

Share below if you feel like sharing it with the world, or you can email me as well. I would love to help cheer you on through the year & especially over these first few weeks when it is the hardest.

Sending you love & strength.


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