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Are you feeling burnout & Exhausted Mama?

Were you hoping that the 'baby weight' would have been gone by now, let alone this extra fluff around the middle?


Are the days are going by in a bit of a blur & coffee is your lifeline?

Are you tired of starting new diets & exercises programs only to get burnt out & frustrated because they don't understand #momlife?

Would you rather hang out at home in comfy lulus & a baggy shirt than put on jeans & actually do your hair?

Are you looking for real results? 

Are you ready to feel strong, sexy, confident & full of energy again?!

About Me

Hi, I'm Renee!

I am a mama with a passion for helping mamas feel fit, sexy, confident & full of energy again.


I have two gorgeous kids, & like you I was dragging my butt out of bed most mornings when my screaming alarm clock was calling me from the other room.  

Before kids it was easy to get in a workout, eat balanced meals & enjoy a patio drink after work.

Healthy balance was simple & straightforward.


Once kids entered the picture, my life felt like it is no longer my own, I poured everything I had into the kids & it left me chubby & exhausted.

As a Certified Pre & Postnatal Personal Trainer,

I am here to help you take back your world. Bring back that strong, sexy, fit, confident woman you were, all while building a fun life with your kids.

Momlife is tough!

Your day is pulled in a million directions & most of them are not helping your health & wellness goals.

I feel you Mama!

You have to hit the ground running. You get up, get some coffee in your body and the schedule is mostly dependent on the kids. 

You spend your energy making sure the kids are fed, dressed, entertained and happy. You are constantly thinking about what to make for lunch, and if they would like a new dinner item, what time you have to leave for swim lessons and when was the last time you showered?

You buy the big leafy greens mix at the grocery store every couple of weeks and say to yourself, 'This time I will finish it!' And yet, you throw it into the garbage sadly after it gets slimy and only 1-2 actual salads consumed. 

You have tried to workout before, and after 3 solid days of burpees your sore body could not carry the tantruming kids up the stairs to their rooms. 

The internet is filled with gorgeous women with toned, tanned bodies selling you flat stomaches & perky butts if you can just stick with this 80 days of obsessed commitment. There is no room for excuses like babies who don't sleep through the night or toddlers demonstrating their constant attempts at independence. And there certainly isn't any adjustments for where you are in your cycle or how your energy feels that day.

You need someone who has been in the trenches & is there to work through them with you.

12 week Personal Online Coaching

What's Included with 1:1 coaching with Strelle Wellness:

  • Deep dive look at your struggles, symptoms & where you are at in your feminine cycle so we can align your nutrition & fitness to maximize results.

  • Personalized exercise program meeting you where you are at now and where you want to be - Everyone has a pair of goal jeans in the closet!

  • Effective, efficient workouts

    • Using the equipment you have access to in the comfort of your home​

    • Post-Partum front of mind - No one should be peeing their pants!

  • Nutrition & Healthy Habit buildingwe are better than cold lunch scraps from the kids plates. Let's bring in food that can help you feel amazing & work with your hormones instead of against them.

  • Accountability, Encouragement & Support - I am here to cheer you on & coach you along the right track to your goals

  • Biweekly live video sessions to check in with your progress and struggles - Momlife is a reason to get healthy, not an excuse

  • As well as the opportunity to ask questions at any time in your personal slack feed - I am here to help you reach your goals! Ask away 

Where will you be in

3 months?

Picture this... 3 months from know you are waking up with more energy, fitting into your clothes better, & glowing with added confidence. Even your sexy time has been more fun!


Every mom's dream is to show up fully & happily for their family. When your cup is full, you spill that high vibe over to everyone around you.


We work together to change your habits, & transform your life. Bring back that fit, sexy confidence & energy that you crave.

Commit to yourself, your health & that badass woman you are.

Apply today and let's get on a call!

See if it is a good fit & how we can get you feeling your very best again.

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