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Run Strong, Mama

12 week Online Coaching Program for Moms looking to return to running safely & stronger than ever

Peeing while you run is not normal just because you had a baby!
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Are you ready Run Strong?

Running used to be easy. We lace up our runners, pick a playlist and just go.

But since having a baby things are different. 

Our bodies may feel a bit foreign still. Things feel out of place, our core feels weaker, and our pelvic floors are not loving anything quick or high impact. Heck sometimes a sneeze makes us pee a little.


We don't have to give up running after having a baby. 

And we sure don't need to succumb to wearing a pad every time we hit the road.

Using the Strelle Method, we can build up our strength, adjust our alignment and sync our breath to help us run strong, confident and leak free. 

Are you ready to join us Mama?

About Me

Hi, I'm Renee!

I am a mama with a passion for helping other mamas feel fit, confident & full of energy again.


I have two gorgeous kids, & like you I was dragging my butt out of bed most mornings when my screaming alarm clock was calling me from the other room.  

Before kids it was easy to lace up my runners, turn up the tunes & hit the path for some speed work, hills or a long run. I was left sweaty, tired, a little sore, but feeling accomplished when I finished.

Running was simple & straightforward.


After my first baby was born I used running to help me 'lose the baby weight'. I could hop on the treadmill while she napped or pop her in the stroller for sunny afternoon jogs. 

Things didn't feel right, but everyone told me it was normal to pee a bit while running after kids. 

After my second I was diagnosed with a prolapse. Turns out, that the running I did after my first was a bit too much impact for my body. No one told me that doing Kegel's wasn't going to be enough to keep everything tight down there.

Since then, I have immersed myself into the world of postpartum training, prolapse, diastasis recti, incontinence, and coaching.


It is my passion to help Mamas feel strong & confident as they return to running, an activity they need & love.   

Momlife is tough!

Your day is pulled in a million directions & most of them are not helping your health & wellness goals.

I feel you Mama!

We have to hit the ground running. We get up, get some coffee in our body and the schedule is mostly dependent on the kids. 

We spend our energy making sure the kids are fed, dressed, entertained and happy. We are constantly thinking about what to make for lunch, and if they would like a new dinner item, what time you have to leave for swim lessons and when was the last time you showered?

WE Need a Break! An outlet, a place to zone out and do something for ourselves. Prior to babies, that physical and mental relief often came from heading out or a run. 

But after baby, everything feels different, off, foreign almost. Our pants aren't fitting the same, even our runners feel different. We pee when we sneeze, laugh or cough. And despite the amount of coffee running through our veins, we are still exhausted so much of the time. 

The internet is filled with running plans that help you lose the last 10 lbs, or get you up and running from the couch in 6 weeks. But they often don't take into consideration the incredible journey our bodies have just been on. We grew, birthed & fed a human! This is big stuff, and should not be taken lightly. Our bodies are different, not broken, just different. 

You need someone who has been in those trenches and is there to work through them with you. Someone who knows what it is like to be a runner and postpartum at the same time. 

12 week Online Run Coaching

What you get with Run Strong, Mama with Strelle Wellness:

  • Periodized exercise program meeting you where you are at now and where you want to be - Everyone has a goal distance, time, or feeling 

  • Effective, efficient workouts

    • Using minimal equipment, a treadmill and the great outdoors 

    • Post-Partum focused - No one should be peeing their pants!

  • Nutrition & Healthy Habit building - we are better than cold lunch scraps from the kids plates

  • Accountability, Encouragement & Support - I am here to cheer you on & coach you along the right track to your goals

  • A sense of community through an intimate facebook group - a safe place with motivated women just like you

  • Biweekly live video sessions to check in with your progress and struggles - Momlife is a reason to get healthy, not an excuse

  • As well as the opportunity to ask questions at any time in the group - I am here to help you reach your goals! Ask away 

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