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I show Moms how to beat Burnout & Exhaustion to Feel Stronger & Energized again after having babies
You give so much, your time, your energy,
your love & your body. 
You are an incredible force.
And you deserve to feel your very best. 
Strong. Confident. Sexy. Full of Energy.
My name is Renee & helping Moms love their body from the inside out it my passion.


I can't wait to connect.

Who is Renee?

Sometimes after babies, things just don’t feel quite right. Our pre-baby bodies take a beating (literally) and the expectation is that us moms just ‘go back to normal’.


The problem is – it doesn’t happen like that. 


Prior to my first child, I loved to exercise. Half marathons, weight lifting, spin class, pilates – I loved it all. During my first pregnancy, I was told to just keep exercising as I had been and to ‘listen to my body’. Postpartum, I was given the green light by my family doctor to start exercising again at six weeks, even after a very difficult birth. I wasn’t given any guidelines or recommendations when I told him that things 'felt off'.


Things we believe to be ‘normal’: leaking during exercise, a gap in your stomach, lower back pain, pelvic floor heaviness, and exhaustion. I had them all. I tried to run my extra weight off and hit the gym as hard as I could.


Second pregnancy came shortly after and I maintained the athletic push as I did through the first round. Although I had an easier birth, I was still feeling broken, ashamed, and just not myself. But there were few resources out there for new moms who felt lost and ignored by their doctor.


I decided to take my passion for exercise and turn it into a way I could help women, like me, through this difficult and confusing time. I dug more and more into the resources and available education, got my personal training certification, with a specialization in Pre & Postpartum training.


I believe that you can both appreciate your body for what it has created, and want it to be strong, sexy and capable. 

Being a Mom is as badass as it comes;

let's feel that way right down to our core.


I'm Renee and I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have 2 lovely children, Elle (6 years old) & Henry (4 years old).  I married the most amazing & supportive man, Marcel.


  • Precision Nutrition - Currently Studying

  • Core Confidence Specialist Certification - Bellies Inc Nov 2018

  • Massage – MRU 1,100 hour Massage Therapy Certificate - 2010

  • Pre & Postnatal Massage Therapy Certificate - 2012

  • Red Cross CPR/AED Level C – January 2020

  • CanFitPro Personal Training Specialist Certification - March 2018

  • Pre- & Postnatal Coaching Certification Program

  • Evolution Certified Trainer

Workouts don't have to take hours and keep you away from baby.


A routine will stick if you can make it work with your busy life.

Contact Renee Directly

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Ranchlands NW, Calgary, Alberta

Tel: 403.619.6492


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